Brittney Olsen

The Cleaner Cleaner.

Brittney Olsen started The Busy Bee Housekeeping Co. in January of 2012, equipped with her favorite cleaning products like Ajax, Comet, and Scrubbing Bubbles. Six months in she already had several regular clients and things were going great, until she began suffering from shortness of breath, unexplained headaches, and the appearance of strange white spots on her skin. She went to her doctor and was told the culprit was an overexposure to chemicals found in her favorite cleaners.

Around the same time, Brittney began hearing reports of the sudden and mysterious disappearance of honeybees. “It made me think that since my business is called ‘The Busy Bee Housekeeping Co.,’ I should find ways to clean that would be less harmful to the environment, my customers, myself, and the bees.” That’s when Brittney began experimenting with natural alternative cleaners. “Clients would come home and say ‘Wow, whatever you used to clean my house – I absolutely love it,’ and that led to more referrals, so I’m like, okay, I’m on the right track.”

“I take a lot of pride in being an example for businesses in Aberdeen, the families I work for, and anyone who works for me. I wouldn’t want to put anyone through the nine hours of exposure to chemicals I was dealing with when I first started cleaning.” Brittney is happy to share her knowledge of natural cleaning with anyone, even other housekeepers. The way she sees it, the more people using natural cleaners, the bigger the positive impact, improving the environment, “and hopefully saving a few bees.”