Paul Weiss

Paul Weiss

The Athletic Underdog.

Paul Weiss, new dad at 37 and salesperson at Steven Lust Automotive, is not your typical athlete. Although he’s in great shape now, he wasn’t always active. “I’ve always been hyperactive!” recalls Paul, “but in high school I never did any sports or anything like that.” He began exercising to avoid taking medication for his hyperactivity. “Regular exercise increases serotonin and dopamine in the brain like a lot of meds they use for people who are hyperactive,” explains Paul.

Paul started out cycling – something he had always enjoyed. “From there I did a couple mountain bike races and then I did a triathlon. I thought it was fun!” he says. His easygoing attitude is evident in his approach to fitness. “I just enjoy exercising, the community, and the social aspect of it, and how good it makes me feel, but I’m definitely not competitive at all.”

Paul is not motivated by awards or accomplishments, but rather by how exercise improves his overall sense of well-being. “I would not be as happy of a person or as productive of a person if I didn’t exercise,” he relates, “you can even ask my wife. If I go for a few days without exercising, I get cranky. She’s like, ‘you need to go for a run!’”

Paul would love to see more people getting active. “The community of people in Aberdeen who exercise are very encouraging and supportive, and there are lots of opportunities to get started,” he notes. “Just get out and do it, and don’t let your anxieties and worries stop you from doing it. Fear should never dictate anything you do, especially something that can benefit you so much,” Paul adds.