The Taste of Summer; Twist Cone

The Taste of Summer; Twist Cone

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Beat the heat with an Aberdeen tradition.

When Lee Klitzke and his wife Sandy took over Twist Cone seven years ago, they were purchasing more than just a thriving business. They were buying a piece of Aberdeen culture. The iconic Twist Cone ice cream stand opened forty-three years ago and has been celebrating summer ever since with classic treats and candy eyes.

When Lee purchased Twist Cone he knew he was going to have a stable business with a long history of success. But he was surprised to find out how much community support the business has and the die-hard loyalty of its customers. “Customers will come for their favorite ice cream even when it’s cold and nasty outside,” he says. The community’s support can be seen in the numbers. In a single season, Twist Cone will sell 4,500 pounds of beef for barbeques and $1,000 in candy eyes!

Lee and Sandy are committed to what they do. They live in the three bedroom home connected to the store and have answered their call to “soft” serve day and night. But they could never do it alone. The Klitzkes, with help from their daughter Jennifer, run Twist Cone with 18-22 employees per season, many of whom return year after year. Despite putting in fifteen-hour days blending malts and twisting cones, Lee and Sandy still love ice cream. His favorite is the hot fudge peanut butter shake and the hot fudge pecan sundae. Sandy likes anything with strawberries. Other Twist Cone community favorites are the malts and shakes, barbeques, hot dogs, and of course, the classic “twisted” vanilla and chocolate cone with candy eyes. //