Thatzza Pizza


Fast, fresh, and delicious? Exzzactly!


Aberdeen’s tradition of enjoying quick, gourmet-quality pizza available by the slice, began in 1990 with the opening of Thatzza Pizza. A creative team made up of Will Peterson, Arnold Matthews, and Doug Stern founded the local pizzeria, at that time located in the Lakewood Mall. The original menu was similar to the one that is used today, but with fewer feature items. Will developed many of the unique pizza combinations, while some were created by a few talented Thatzza employees.

As the popularity of the little pizzeria grew, Thatzza chose their new location at 20 6th Ave SW, complete with a drive-thru window, and they’ve been there since 1993. Current owners are Will and Christy Peterson, and Arnold Mathews. Christy’s brothers are also involved in the business.

Thatzza Pizza owner Will Peterson got the idea of offering gourmet pizza by the slice while operating a seasonal business in an East Coast mall. He noticed the pizza places always seemed to do well, even though he felt the quality of the slices left something to be desired. Will thought if he could start a business selling generous-sized slices, then why not do that, but with a pizza of gourmet quality.

Being able to grab pizza by the slice through Thatzza’s drive-thru window makes for both a fast and tasty meal. And drive-thru options don’t end with pizza. Pastas such as spaghetti and fettuccine, along with accompanying favorites like Cheesy Garlic Toast and Italian Fries, are all available in minutes.

In addition to the convenience Thatzza offers, another aspect that keeps loyal customers coming back is their original pizza combinations. One of the most popular pizzas, the Chicken Cordon Bleu, combines chicken, ham, bacon, and a creamy ranch sauce. Another popular item is the Midwestern-inspired Pot Roast Pizza, complete with mashed potatoes and gravy. And who says Pizza can’t be for breakfast? Thatzza’s traditional Breakfast Pizza is loaded with fluffy eggs, crisp bacon, and cheddar cheese. And they have two new a.m. varieties, the Southwestern and Garden Breakfast Pizzas.

Any whole pizza can be ordered for carryout or delivery. Whether it’s something out of the ordinary you’re craving, or just a classic slice of cheese, Thatzza Pizza hits the spot.