Bread on the Rise; Palm Garden Café

Bread on the Rise; Palm Garden Café

Palm Garden

You hear it around town all the time:

“We need a Panera Bread Store!” Or, “We need an artisan bakery!” Despite the allure of fancy franchises, you may or may not know that Aberdeen does have a pretty sweet bakery. Located within Palm Garden Café, Aberdeen rocker Pete Burckhard’s bakery bakes up loaves of awesomeness everyday. Pete is no stranger to the baking business. Pete’s grandfather (also named Pete) started the original Burckhard Bakery and Confectionery, located at 117 North Main, in 1906. It was a successful, family-run business, until Pete had to close the bakery in the late 1990s after supermarkets had become the one-stop-shop.

Pete feels very strongly about the heritage and artistry he kneads into each batch of dough. He says it’s about carrying on his family tradition of doing something you love, something you were born to do. Pete’s breads and baked goods are each uniquely crafted, giving them a quality unobtainable through commercial production. Pete says his specialty is his crusty breads. On the sweet side, he is known for his cinnamon and caramel rolls. For a delicious accompaniment to your a.m., pick up a delicious caramel roll, and if you need a fresh baguette for dinner or a sourdough boule for the week, grab a loaf of artisan bread.

Burckhard Bakery is located in the Palm Garden Café and Chocolate Shoppe, 602 South 3rd Street, Aberdeen.