Bonn’s Eats & Treats


From ice cream to onion rings, this menu has it all!

Bonn’s Eats & Treats is truly an all-American ice cream hot spot. In both warm and cold weather, this place is a must for lunch, dinner, or dessert. Doors to the little red shop originally opened around 1954 as a Dairy Queen. There have been many additions made to the place since the fifties, such as a drive-thru window and booths for indoor seating. Current owners Jolene and Don Bonn took over the restaurant from Jolene’s parents and have run it as a family business for 19 years and counting. The switch between the popular chain restaurant to a local shop happened in December of 2009, and with that, came the freedom to both improve and expand their original menu.

And it’s the menu that makes this place so unforgettable – that, along with memories of the mini-golf course that used to run in their backyard. After leaving the Dairy Queen franchise, Jolene and Don altered their existing menu to include more appetizers, adding classic summer favorites such as mozzarella sticks and hand-breaded onion rings, both with fair-food appeal. Jolene also credits her careful selection of tasty menu items to her customers’ suggestions. And it was those suggestions that led her to create their Big Train iced coffees, a blended iced coffee available in a 23 ounce cup! The food at Bonn’s is always fresh and made-to-order. Jolene says some of her best-selling items are the chicken strip basket (complete with a side of Texas toast), yummy deep-fried cheeseballs, and the ice cream Explosions (similar to a DQ Blizzard). For this Aberdeen original, open year-round, business is always steady. But when it’s summer, the temperature warms up and the customers line up, ready to cool off with a frothy milkshake and a basket of delicious deep-fried food!

Bonn’s Eats & Treats is located at 920 6th Ave SW, Aberdeen, SD 57401, Aberdeen.