Jacob Bosmoe


A Jake of All Trades

Local artist, teacher, and entrepreneur Jacob (Jake) Bosmoe, has been making art in one form or another for as long as he can remember. But his talents don’t end there. Jake is truly a jack of all trades. He’s been a teacher, an intern assistant principal, and has worked as a drywaller for the past seven years. “I have also flipped three houses and am working on my fourth. In addition, I’m somewhat of a homemaker and often find myself cooking elaborate meals and running vacuums.” All the while, Jake has continued to focus on his art, “I have completed numerous art commissions over the years and hope to create many more in the years to come!” Jake also enjoys participating in community projects (whenever his busy schedule gives him the chance). “I volunteer to work with the Fallout Art Community at the Red Rooster a few times a year and make it a point to attend as many local art events as possible.”

When Jacob Bosmoe is making art, or creating anything for that matter, he often finds himself in a state of “flow.” “The rest of the world takes a step back and I am focused only on the task at hand. My mind is clear, my hand moves decisively, my eyes are focused, my attention is narrowed, and my conscious mind is set at ease– move the pencil, chop the carrots, pull the saw, and remain in the present.”

Jake feels very strongly about encouraging the existence of art in the lives of others and within the Aberdeen community. “Art is important to humanity because it is a powerful avenue for the expression of ideas. Language, music, art, and dance have enabled us to build an intricate system of personal, spiritual, and societal relationships (that have come to span the entire globe), thereby creating the most complicated and developed group dynamics known to this small corner of the multiverse.”

Encouraging others and strengthening the presence of art within the Aberdeen community are two of the reasons Jake decided to open his own art gallery, Aberdeen Originals. Jake used to drive around town, looking at old buildings and interesting spaces, envisioning their potential for being turned into a gallery. “Aberdeen Originals will provide the community with access to products that are handmade by current or former residents- paintings, ceramics, jewelry, lotions, soaps, leather goods, furniture, picture frames, lamps, greeting cards, and whatever else someone out there might be making and offering for sale.” Aberdeen Originals opened on October 1st and is located in the historic Hulu Architecture building at 9 2nd Avenue SE.