A Taste of Gourmet; Moccasin Creek Country Club

A Taste of Gourmet; Moccasin Creek Country Club

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The Moccasin Creek Country Club experience

Beyond its ambiance of humble sophistication, a picturesque view of the countryside and meticulously maintained golf course green, Moccasin Creek Country Club offers an atmosphere of both comfort and community. Complete with a gourmet restaurant, fully stocked specialty bar, and a golf supply and gift shop, there’s no debating that the Country Club is indeed one of Aberdeen’s finest.

Moccasin Creek Country Club first opened in 1971 as the “Prairiewood Country Club.” In 1978 the club reorganized and became the member-owned Moccasin Creek Country Club. To fully enjoy all of the amenities the Country Club has to offer, one must become a member. However, both golf and social memberships are available, and you don’t have to be a member to come try out the many advantages the Country Club has to offer. Potential members are invited to come out for a one time visit to the club. While you’re there, take a guided tour of the facility, wet your palate with one of the endless selections of fine beverages from the bar and stay for dinner.

One of Moccasin Creek Country Club’s tastiest features is their full-service gourmet restaurant. The restaurant’s executive chef, Jacob Collins, enjoys the opportunity cooking at the Club has given him to employ the full potential of his culinary skill. Through new dishes and flavors that create a fusion of exotic and familiar, Jacob has the chance to utilize the expertise he’s gained through his degree at the Cordon Bleu cooking school of Minneapolis. After graduating in spring 2010, Jacob began working as an executive chef for Minerva’s. He then decided to join on as Executive Chef of the Country Club late this past summer. Jacob brings a signature cooking style to the Country Club that can be best described as “Midwestern cuisine with a French flair”.

One of Jacob’s favorite menu items is an entree called “Bacon Wrapped Scallops,”–a tender medallion wrapped in applewood smoked bacon, topped with maple whiskey glaze,and served alongside steamed asparagus and wild rice pilaf. Another favorite of his is the “Stuffed Grilled Cheese,” an adult version of the childhood classic. Complete with Granny Smith apple slices and thick cut bacon, this Country Club original is stuffed between two slices of grilled wheat berry bread and topped with melty smoked Gouda. “If you are picking up a theme in these, there is one. I like bacon,” Jacob says with a grin.