The Wood Brothers; Dial-A-Move

The Wood Brothers; Dial-A-Move


Dial M for Movers

When Dial-A-Move Co-Owners Dan and Barry Wood were kids, they helped out in their parents’ furniture store by moving merchandise around and making deliveries. But they weren’t exactly excited to move furniture for a living. “We hated it!” They proclaim. “We wanted to be pig farmers!”  At one time, the two elder Wood Brothers raised pigs for 4-H, and owned nearly 200 head.  But after long hours of doing chores and taking side jobs to purchase feed, they soon realized pig farming was not their “big opportunity.”

In college, Dan majored in elementary education while Barry pursued a marketing degree.  But as fate would have it, they now operate Dial-A-Move Relocation Services from an office inside their parent’s furniture store and are the fourth generation of business owners in the Wood family.  “We somehow ended up here!” They declare. “Life takes some unexpected turns sometimes, but we definitely wouldn’t change any of it.”

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Dial-A-Move was incorporated in 2001, and they’ve grown substantially ever since. They now offer full-service packing, moving and climate controlled storage. As the primary salesman, Dan is the first face of the company. He schedules, moves, manages inventory and answers questions. Barry oversees all crews and handles logistics. Andrew, the youngest Wood brother, has worked with his elder siblings off and on since high school and currently acts as a Team Lead.

“Almost everyone moves at some point in his or her life.  And every situation is different,” they explain. Due to the real estate market, the peak moving season runs May to October, “But, many would be surprised to know how many times our crew has braved the bitter cold and snow to make sure we follow through on the promises to our clients.”

When they started the business, they saw a need to improve customer service in the moving industry. “Our motto is ‘attention to detail is what makes a good move a great move.’” In February, Dial-A-Move earned the 2013 Enterprise Mover of the Year award from the American Moving and Storage Association–an honor given to just one company throughout the United States.

Despite their national attention, the Wood Brothers enjoy Aberdeen because it’s big enough for business growth, yet small enough for word-of-mouth to help foster that growth. “Eighty percent of our jobs come from shared referrals or past customers,” the Wood brothers reveal. “We are very appreciative of the support our clients continue to give to us.  But more importantly, having grown up here ourselves, we can’t imagine raising our families anywhere else.”