April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Spring is in full bloom at Beadles Floral and Nursery

With the mild month of April and the light rains it brought the area, signs of spring and early summer are all around us. In preparation for your summer planting projects, Beadles Floral and Nursery has been seeding and germinating a wide variety of flowers and foliage in their town nursery for several months. Having had time to mature, they are ready to become a beautiful part of your home or business’s landscape.

Since 1972, Beadles has been serving the Aberdeen area. The founding owner, Jim Beadle, is a landscape designer who started on commission in the original Koch greenhouse. A year later, his wife Bev Beadle joined him, and they purchased the business from the Kochs and began their own nursery business. Since then, they have become local experts in their field.

“If I can’t grow it pretty, I don’t want to grow at all,” says Bev of her pride in selecting and caring for her plants. “I sell flowers because they are pretty. We put a lot of care into the preparation of our plants so that you can get pretty, full and rounded plants and flowers. Plants are like babies. You don’t sprinkle or splash water on a baby to bathe it. You put the baby into the water. And that’s how we treat our plants. We thoroughly water them by repeatedly bathing them but not leaving them standing in water.”

Beadles carries a variety of very popular plants, including succulents and Welby gardens, petunias in many variable, rich colors, Ipomoea sweet potato vine, sun impatiens, daisies, and geraniums. The list is extensive and available at the store.

Bev suggests also adding a few blooms to your 4-inch crops.

“Fragrance nemesis is compact, opal looks like an opal, kumquat is bright and fragrant. And heliotrope smells like lilacs when it blooms,” she explains, revealing her knowledge with ease. “Then there are King Tut grasses, which get very tall and it’s very popular. And euphorbia is upright, not trailing, so that’s a nice look as well. And perky pink is also beautiful for height.”

The tried-and-true favorites are available as well – the Martha Washington, calliope red geranium, and dahlias that grow well in our climate. But if you’re concerned about the weather elements, Bev has a solution for that as well.

“Scavola is the most durable flower we have,” she says. “It can endure the South Dakota sun and wind and thrive beautifully. Anyone can grow it without worry.”

You don’t have to be an expert in plants to prepare and maintain a beautiful summer landscape. There are experts at Beadles who are eager to pair you with the perfect variety. Stop into their country store and ask a professional today. Happy planting! //