Fill’er Up!

This Standard Oil gas station was located on Lincoln Street at the northwest corner of Fourth Avenue. This location is now known as the Webb parking lot, located directly across from the Federal building. 1959, Brown County Auditor’s Office.

Downtown Gas Stations a Thing of the Past

When was the last time you filled your gas tank downtown? Gas stations downtown? Seems hard to believe, but there were many at one point primarily on Lincoln and First streets. In fact, prior to the Auto Plaza and the eastern Aberdeen retail expansion, downtown was the place to go for everything auto-related. Every make and model of cars and trucks could be found here as well as all the big brands of gasoline. Auto brands such as DeSoto, Durant’s Star Cars, Plymouth, Cadillac, Fiat, Valiant, Rambler, all had downtown locations. Fueling could be had at Mobil, Standard Oil, Cities Service, Midwest Oil, among others. You could buy tires at a couple locations, and nearly all gas stations had service bays for repairs. Why no gas stations now? Probably because downtown streets are not high-traffic areas. Over the years, many were removed for parking lots as Aberdeen’s downtown boomed into the 1970s. How many of these gas stations can you picture in your mind? //