Emergency Assistance Closer to Home

Emergency Assistance Closer to Home

Firstcall Emergency Monitoring

For many people, living alone is not the easiest situation. This can be especially true of an elderly loved one with medical difficulties. Set up right here in Aberdeen, FirstCall Emergency Monitoring provides a local, cost-effective solution to these worries.

They provide a number of emergency detection and response devices including a waterproof wireless transmitter which can be worn around the wrist or neck, motion detectors, door and window detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, a two-way emergency receiver which connects directly to FirstCall’s 24-hour Cooperative Response Center via standard phone service or a cellular modem and new for 2016, a fall detector pendant that will trigger a call for help if the user is unable to press their button.

Your elders have been there for you throughout your lives, and now you can be assured that you can provide constant care and assistance as you begin to take care of them. // — Sean McCracken

FirstCall can be reached at (605) 229-6850 and at www.myalertsystem.com