Becky Guffin

Becky Guffin

Big Ideas, Big Heart

Being one of the few women in leadership roles in our educational system, Dr. Becky Guffin is a force to be reckoned with. Guffin is the superintendent of the Aberdeen Public Schools. This position has definitely been earned; Dr. Guffin taught at Aberdeen school, CC Lee, for 13 years. She was also assistant principal at Holgate Middle School and Simmons Middle School. Following her position as principal, she became assistant superintendent and continued for nine years. Now the cherry on Guffin’s teaching sundae is becoming superintendent.

But, as we know, with great power comes great responsibility. Dr. Guffin has plenty of duties in her position. She is in charge of developing and maintaining positive schools in Aberdeen; she also works with the school board to develop goals for the district. Dr. Guffin may not have a lot of free time, but when she does, she loves to travel and really experience life. Along with her husband, she loves to attend various events:

“We enjoy all kinds of art, music, theatre, and athletic events as often as our schedules allow.”

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Guffin loves getting involved in our Aberdeen events. She is incredibly passionate about children and their education: “There is nothing more satisfying than watching children learn and grow.”

Although every day is a whirlwind of new challenges, Becky works to create amazing, effective programs for teachers, administrators, and students: “I learn something new every day which is what makes this work very exciting.” Dr. Guffin proudly exclaims that she has a great team working with her. She and her stellar team are always changing to adapt to each set of students’ needs.

As society changes, Dr. Guffin works with other teachers and soon-to-be teachers (Northern State students) on best practice ideas. She consistently pushes for more training for educators, “It is critically important for school districts to keep current with curriculum, technology, staff training, policies, safety enhancements, and facility improvements.” She does not take her role lightly and understands the awesome presence she has.

It is evident that she wants the absolute best for our community, and by being superintendent she can be directly involved. She is able to, “help make a difference in the lives of so many people.” Guffin is continuously working to create the most effective educational environment; she is determined to reach her goals. She is also excited for the new elementary school, Mike Miller Elementary, which will accommodate student growth and also work with NSU’s School of Education. She also is looking forward to offering technical classes at the high school to meet workforce needs and other training opportunities. I do not hesitate when I say, Aberdeen schools are in safe hands with this woman. // – Hannah Loefke