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Published on June 27th, 2016 | by AberdeenMagazine


Bumpy Road Ranch

A Better Way to Farm

Biodiversity, pasture-raised, rotational grazing… oh my! These are just a few terms used to describe the farming methods of local grange Bumpy Road Ranch. Just northeast of Aberdeen, on a site that has been in the family since the 1940s, Dave Crawford and his daughters, Amy and Kayla, run the ranch and harvest their chickens, turkeys, and pigs in the most natural and ethical way possible.

Unlike their competitors, Bumpy Road Ranch strives only to provide its customers with the very best quality and flavor of meat. To accomplish this, they provide their animals with room to roam, superior feed to eat, and the necessary time to grow up strong and healthy.

All of this combined is what Bumpy Road Ranch calls their style of unconventional farming. “While it tends to be much more expensive to raise livestock in this way, we believe so much in doing the right thing, even if it is difficult or not as profitable as mainstream methods,” reads the farm’s website. All of their animals are available for purchase, and the farmers will take care of delivery to the butcher. For order inquiries, you can contact Bumpy Road Ranch on their website or Facebook page. // — Erin Ballard

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  • Issue: May/June 2016