A Little Splash of Color

A Little Splash of Color

Linda Roesch

Linda Roesch’s Work Graces Galleries and Festivals Alike

Art can be a tricky field to build a career in. It can take a while for some artists to hit their stride. With hard work and perseverance, local artist Linda Roesch was able to make her career happen. And if she can do it, then why not you?

Linda began painting and drawing as soon as was humanly possible. She has fond memories of her grandfather keeping her entertained in church by drawing incredibly detailed horses and believing that he was the greatest artist in the world. There was no artistic activity that she wouldn’t get involved in; whether it was coloring contests in grade school, art classes in high school, or even the two weeks of Home Economics where they got to sew, Linda was knee deep in all of it.

During college, she enjoyed working with oil paints, but grew impatient with how long they took to dry. A few years ago she made the switch to acrylics for her studio work and watercolors for her work in the field. She first became a fan of watercolors after “accidentally” taking an elective watercolor class at NSU that she thought was required.

As with many artists, Linda’s style has evolved constantly since she first picked up a brush.

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“I admire abstract artists and surreal paintings, and I like art that is created using expressive strokes. For many years I struggled to achieve this look, and often spent a tremendous amount of time perfecting one painting, and even more frequently abandoning paintings altogether when the details became too much to handle.”

In 2013, she left South Dakota and took a break from painting for four months to volunteer for her cousin’s animal rescue ranch in California. When she returned she discovered that her style had completely changed from what it was when she left. Her skill with watercolors had fleshed out and she began experimenting with the “splattercolor” technique that she uses today.

Many of Linda’s works are landscapes, so it should come as no surprise that her main inspiration for many of her paintings is traveling. She will often set up her canvas on location, but will also take a lot of pictures for studio reference later on.

“I’ve been fortunate to find work that allows me to travel, and I am happiest when I am out on the road.”

There are always new ideas for projects that Linda has on her mind. She is currently working on illustrating a children’s book and also plans to spend the summer traveling to art fairs throughout South Dakota to sell her work.

In addition to her typical work, she also enjoys working on commissioned projects. Her past work has ranged from huge murals for business to portraits of loved ones to paintings of a childhood pet or beloved family home. Working on these pieces lets her learn family histories and stories about what makes the painting meaningful.

Linda is available for commissioned paintings of all sizes and subject matter, and you can contact her at 916-221-8586 or [email protected] if you would like to order a special painting for yourself or a loved one. You can see more of her work at www.sketchingspot.com. // – Sean McCracken