Extend Your Roots

Rustic Roots

Ah, South Dakota – where it’s too cold to feel your fingers nine months out of the year and devastatingly hot for the other three. While the longer winters might be favorable for snow enthusiasts, for local gardeners and plant lovers it is nothing short of a nightmare. A short growing season means that plants barely have a chance to thrive before the cold returns and they have to be thrown out. What’s a South Dakotan to do? Rustic Roots, the new specialty floral shop in town, has the answer.

Owned and operated by Juli Ermer and Nikki Reigle, Rustic Roots is excited to provide Aberdeen with plants that can grow outside and inside – all year round. The store, which opened up shop in April, specializes in bouquets and arrangements of succulents and cactuses that give off a Western and vintage vibe. Whereas many floral gifts die quickly, the arrangements at Rustic Roots are guaranteed to be gifts that last. “I wanted to make something for other people that was something unique that they could keep,” Nikki explained.

Succulents are a great alternative to fresh cut flowers because of how durable they are. They require little maintenance, minimal watering, and are resistant to extremely hot or dry climates. They’ve grown quite popular amidst the urban crowd in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The succulents filling the quaint little space of Rustic Roots come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. According to Juli, “No two plants are the exact same.”

The arrangements the two women create are as unique and charming as the plants themselves. They use a variety of antique containers – from old pots to toolboxes and even typewriters – to creatively house the plants. On holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day, they diversify their containers to match the theme.

Their current building right off Main Street matches Rustic Roots’ vintage, historic feel and comes with a huge south-facing window that allows for lots of light to filter in. However, Juli and Nikki have plans to continue to grow the business to hopefully fill an even bigger space. Currently, they only accept custom orders, but in the future they hope to expand so people can come in and buy a single plant if they choose.

What started out as a hobby grew into a lifelong passion for Juli and Nikki. Although both women have very busy lives on top of running the business, they are determined to share their love of flowers and cater to their customers no matter what. “We want to accommodate others,” Juli said. “We can get you what you need, any day of the week.”

So whether you need a gift for a loved one or simply want a cute hanging air plant for your room, Rustic Roots is sure to enchant and delight you. Visit their shop on 9 2nd Avenue SE on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM or contact them anytime via Facebook or phone at 605-290-7703. // – By Becca Simon