TM Fitness Getting Pumped Up

TM Fitness Getting Pumped Up

Tm Fitness
Tony Arampatzis stands at the site of the TM Fitness remodel. By the time of publication, the new areas should be reaching completion.

If you’re looking to mix-up your workout routine, TM Fitness may be the place for you. The gym is receiving a huge facelift this fall that will provide all sorts of new opportunities for its members. New additions include an aerobics room, a new weight room, an endless pool, a hot tub, and a whole lot of new equipment.

To make these changes happen, the size of the gym will be doubled. They are adding a new floor on the right side of the building and significantly increasing the size of the weight room. The first floor of the remodel, while technically not a part of the gym, will be home to Audra’s Day Spa & Salon.

Owner Tony Arampatzis is excited for all the ways the remodel will benefit members. New equipment and more space means a wider variety of classes will be offered to accommodate more people. The endless pool, which allows people to swim against the current for a workout, will also help people that are in rehab or have joint problems. “They have complete control over the current in the pool,” Tony explains. “It can accommodate you wherever your fitness level is at.” In the future, he also plans on adding water treadmills and water bikes.

The remodel is expected to reach completion in September. Thankfully, current members of the gym have nothing to worry about: there will still be complete 24 hour access even as the remodel is taking place. // — Becca Simon