Take a Load Off

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Pantorium Cleaners and Laundry can help you with all your cleaning and laundry needs

You come home late from work, prepare dinner, and tend to your myriad of other responsibilities and chores that need doing. By the time you have a moment to catch your breath, it’s nearly time for bed and you have no time to tend to the mountain of dirty garments that are beginning to pile up, begging to be washed. Thankfully, you don’t have to shoulder the burden alone: Pantorium Cleaners is more than happy to help you with the load.

For over 80 years, Pantorium Cleaners has been offering their top-notch laundry and cleaning services to loyal patrons. Although they advertise themselves as a dry cleaning service, they can do just about anything. Rugs need washing? Check. Dress shirts and fine linen need special care? Got you covered. Hems need adjusting? Pantorium can do that, too!

Since the business got its start in 1931, it has been consistently providing quality service and employing generations upon generations of loyal employees. Current owners Dale Bain and his wife Mi go way back with the business. Dale’s mother was employed back in 1978, and Mi has been employed since 1992. When Mi’s boss started looking to retire, she and Dale took the reigns.

In their six years of ownership, Pantorium’s wide range of services has grown exponentially. They are beginning to expand into commercial services, and currently serve Buffalo Wings and Rings, Scotty’s, and Big Fella’s, just to name a few. They also recently built a new, larger laundry facility in addition to their main building, which contains large, state-of-the-art washers and dryers.

In addition to your fine linens and other materials, Pantorium can also help you out on laundry day. Their new Fluff N’ Fold service encourages costumers to bring in the laundry they might not have time to do. Not only will Pantorium do it for you, they’ll also neatly fold and package it for your convenience.

If you live too far away to take full advantage of Pantorium’s Services or simply want to spend a lazy day at home, never fear: Pantorium picks up and delivers – completely free. In addition to Aberdeen, they cover communities as far as Groton, Ipswich, Roscoe, Selby, Gettysburg, Mobridge, Frederick, and Conde.

As Pantorium continues to grow and expand its services, Dale hopes to delve even deeper into commercial services, including medical laundry.

Customers can also look forward to Pantorium’s new VIP loyalty club, expected to roll out soon. By becoming a member, you’ll have the opportunity to get special discounts and promotions the more you use Pantorium’s services.

The next time you need garments of any material cleaned, tailored, preserved, or all of the above, Pantorium Cleaners has you covered. After all, as their website states: “Stains and dirt don’t wait. Why should you?” // – Becca Simon