The Right Move

Dsc 0463 is making it easier than ever to find and list rental properties in the Aberdeen area

Chances are when you have a question, one of the first things you do is ask Google. If it’s an apartment or home for rent in the Aberdeen area that you’re looking for, then is what’s popping up in your search engine. The site puts photos, prices, descriptions, and even videos of rental properties all in one place, and right at your fingertips.

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In 2015, Eric Vetter and Jamie Mack launched, a time-saving resource for finding and listing area rental properties.

Eric Vetter and Jamie Mack established in 2015. As realtors with Century 21, they were both getting the occasional phone call from people wanting to know where to go to find a rental in Aberdeen. In helping clients with their search, they realized they wanted an efficient resource that everyone could access to find available rental properties, so they created one! Jamie says they chose a website to launch their new venture because most renters, especially in the younger generations, rely on the Internet. “There are always a lot of people looking for rentals, and we wanted Aberdeen to have a real digital presence in that area.”

On average, over 100 people from all over the United States visit every day in search of their next apartment or home to rent. Tenants can browse the site free of charge, while landlords pay a monthly fee to post their properties. One of the biggest advantages the site offers to both landlords and tenants is that it saves them time. Eric says, “A potential tenant can look through all the photos on the website and see the property before they walk in the door, so they don’t have to spend time visiting apartments or homes they aren’t interested in.”

Most property owners taking advantage of the site are repeat customers. Annette Schwan has been using for over two years. She says in addition to providing a large online audience, the site has been valuable to her in many ways. “There’s no limit to the amount of photos you can post of a property, and you can include lengthy descriptions, so everything a client would need to know is right there. If they have any questions, they have the choice to call or email us.” She adds that she also appreciates the site’s straightforwardness. “It’s very easy to use, even if you’re unfamiliar with the Internet or computers.”

When they envisioned their website, ease is exactly what Jamie an Eric were planning on. They wanted to be simple to navigate without leaving out any important features, like the map locator that shows renters the details about the neighborhood and nearby amenities of a property. Landlords who are new to the site are given a 15-day free trial so they have a chance to get the hang of it. Eric says, “Everyone that uses the website loves it and returns to it. Our goal is to make life easier for people, and to help out the community with this resource.” // – Jenny Roth