Your Cue on Where to Play Pool this Fall

Your Cue on Where to Play Pool this Fall

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Members of the Aberdeen Cue Club come from different walks of life, but they all have at least two things in common: they all love pool, and they’re all trying to get a little bit better at it. Club President Charlie Gould explains, “Everyone knows it’s more fun to be more accomplished at any sport or activity. We’re all trying to increase our skills.”

The club is currently at 1603 6th Ave SW, their third location since forming about six years ago. Around 30 members have access to the building’s five tables anytime they want to play pool. “We have guys who have odd shifts, and they’ll come here in the morning or even in the middle of the night when they get off work,” Charlie says. Throughout the year, especially in the fall and winter months, they’ll get together at scheduled times and have games or mini tournaments for members and nonmembers alike.

Along with being able to play pool at all hours, members of the Cue Club also get to enjoy using a facility that’s in good shape. Charlie adds, “We really stress keeping our tables and everything in top-notch condition. It’s just more fun to play somewhere that has good equipment.”

There are at least three official pool leagues in Aberdeen, and most Cue Club members play on one or more of them. Their club membership gives them that added opportunity to get in more practice. Plus, it’s affordable. “It’s cheaper than going to the bars to play or buying your own pool table,” Charlie says. To join, new members pay a $25 initiation fee, and then $25 per month after that.

Some club members are in their 20s, and others, like Charlie, picked the sport back up in their retirement years. He says that what they all like the most about pool is meeting other players. “A lot of our members go to tournaments all over, and you meet so many people at those, and most of them are just really easy to get along with. It’s the going places, meeting people, and playing that we love-and the competition part of it is what encourages you to keep getting better.” Hence, the Cue Club. A place to improve your game, and meet friends. // — Jenny Roth

For information on joining the Aberdeen Cue Club, call Charlie Gould at 605-380-4999.