She’s Got Sole

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Whether you have aching feet, or not, Amber Hanson of Heart and Sole Foot Zone Therapy invites you to kick off your shoes and take some time for yourself with a foot zone session. Amber is a licensed practical nurse and foot zone practitioner. She recently moved her home-based foot zoning business to 415 S. Main Street, Suite 303, located just above the Capitol Theatre. Along with providing foot zone sessions for clients, she’ll also host foot zone certification and 1-2-3 classes at her new space. 

To better understand what foot zoning is, Amber explains that if our bodies are computers, then our feet are the keyboards. During a typical foot zone session, most of which last about an hour, she will access different signals on the top, sides, and bottom of the feet. Triggering these signals can reach all parts of the body, promoting overall health and a chance for us to “reboot” to our natural state of wellness. She adds that foot zoning can help with things like rejuvenating the immune system, improving sleep, aiding in digestion, and faster recovery from injury or illness, but that you don’t have to have a specific ailment to schedule a session. “Health is a multifaceted thing. Being able to come here and sit and put your feet up for an hour, there’s so many benefits to that in addition to the foot zoning technique.” // — Jenny Roth

To learn more about Heart and Sole Foot Zone Therapy, call 605-622-0182 or go to