An Entertaining ‘Escape’

An Entertaining ‘Escape’

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At the Unravel Escape Room the character “Jessie” is missing. It’s up to participants to find clues hidden throughout her room and solve the mystery of her disappearance.

Lifelong friends Jessie and Jennie are ecstatic to land summer internships at the same company. But their elation quickly vanishes when Jessie discovers a secret about the company and goes missing. So what happened to Jessie? You’ll have to head to Unravel, Aberdeen’s escape room experience, to figure out the clues to her disappearance and solve the mystery of The Intern.

Unravel’s creator, Jessica Fischer, explains what an escape room is and who can play. “It’s a form of entertainment that challenges groups to look for clues and figure out puzzles together to find out where Jessie is and ‘escape’ the room.” She adds, “It’s not meant to be scary, but a fun way to challenge yourself, solve some riddles, and have fun with your friends and family or coworkers.” 

Jessica opened Unravel in December in the basement of Karisma Boutique at 305 S. Main Street. The avid mystery reader and writer says she wanted to bring an escape room to Aberdeen because she has enjoyed them so much herself when visiting other cities. To keep more eyes on the clues, Unravel is best tackled by groups of four to 12 people. The cost is $25 per person, or $200 to rent the entire room. Jessica devised The Intern and plans to change the space into a new mystery every few months. // — Jenny Roth

Unravel is open Friday nights and Saturdays, and by appointment for special events like birthday parties. To book your tickets, visit