The Family That Styles Together

The Family That Styles Together

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Outfits to keep everyone comfy on a winter afternoon

Nothing beats the cold like a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. And the perfect sweater or long-sleeve tee, of course. The Chipman family, Shaun, Grace, and sons Dax, Merik, and Hudson, have combined all three to show off some of the coziest looks you can get in Aberdeen this season. 

An assistant manager at Karisma Boutique, Grace puts her heart for fashion and motherhood to work further in her role as a personal stylist for Mac & Mia, a kids clothing and accessory company. Through Mac & Mia, caregivers can go online and answer a few questions about their child’s style and interests. Grace will then use those details to put together a box of hand-selected clothing items specifically for that child. Once you get your Mac & Mia box in the mail, you pay for only the items you decide to keep, and can return the rest at no cost.

Grace is also a direct seller of Barefoot Books, a grassroot children’s book company that keeps cultural awareness and the acceptance of diversity as the main themes among their available titles. About her two businesses, she says, “Kids’ minds and bodies grow so quickly. These are just fun ways to help parents keep up, and also to get the kids involved. They love getting their boxes in the mail.”

Photography by Christina Shilman of Paisley Tree Photography. Clothing by Grace Chipman for Mac & Mia and Karisma Boutique.

You can follow Grace and learn more about Mac & Mia and Barefoot Books via her website.