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Breathe Easy at Salt Serenity

Spring has been a busy time for Heather Williams as she’s worked to launch her new business, Salt Serenity. After months of planning, she’s excited to be opening the first salt therapy spa in Aberdeen. “I’ve visited several salt therapy rooms in different states and have been able to take what I love about each of those places and create what I have here,” she says. 

Salt Serenity, located in the basement of the Briscoe Building at 224 First Avenue Southeast, is open by appointment. Spa guests can choose to have a foot soak before entering the salt “cave” for a 45-minute-long treatment of breathing, relaxing in a zero-gravity chair, and recharging. Through a halogenerator, salt is ground into microparticles and dispensed everywhere throughout the cave’s air. The walls and floor are also covered in salt. Heather says salt therapy is for all ages. Families, athletes, and people suffering from respiratory and skincare issues are just some examples of those who can benefit from spending time among the naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory salt molecules. “This is new for Aberdeen, but salt therapy is used around the world and there’s a place for it here in our community, too. The goal is to help people feel well so they can be who they want to be,” she says. // — Jenny Roth

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