Antique Adventures

JR's Furniture and Antiques

Antiques have the unique capacity to capture moments, trends, and personal memories from the past. Although each store defines their “antique” aging differently, officially an antique is over 100 years old, and anything less is termed a collectible, with vintage usually meaning 25 or more years past. Those looking for special items from decades past can find an assortment across Aberdeen sold by knowledgeable vendors as unique as the items they provide.

JR’s Furniture and Antiques

R’s Furniture and Antiques, owned by JR and Deb Wood, is a mix of antique, used, and retail furniture with blue tags signaling antique or used finds. Antique dishes and knick-knacks stage larger furniture pieces and are displayed on shelves alongside the open showrooms.“The antiques bring quite a variety to the store,” JR says.

JR’s roots in antique auctions led to the store’s mixed selection, and as Deb explains, she still buys whole estates to sell through JR’s.

JR and Deb both recognize that people use antiques most often for DIY projects while they reminisce on their auctioning days, and JR says the difference between selling antique and retail is that antiques are more of a “treasure hunt.” 

Antiques in JR’s selection mean the shop offers options for everyone, and if the desired item cannot be found in the store, they likely have it in their nearby storage space. 

  • 715 6th Ave SW
  • 605.229.3789

Gold N Gems

Cheryl Nelson, Andy Heinze, and Dale Fliehs each have their antique specialty at Gold N Gems downtown, which sells jewelry, military memorabilia, coins, and assorted antiques of more than fifty years old. “We’re kind of like three entities under one roof,” Cheryl says.

Cheryl specializes in crafting jewelry into bold, Southwestern style and selling authentic stones believed to have healing powers. Andy finds inspiration in historic coins, some dating back 2,000 years. Dale’s expertise concentrates on military antiques from WWII in the European theatre and stretches to antique toys and weapons. “You never know what’s going to walk in off the street,” he says. The three co-owners say their antiquing interest falls with the knowledgeable clients, who form a community gathering in Gold N Gems. “So, we get to learn every day too,” Andy says. They urge people to not throw things away, but to instead research the item to learn its value.

  • 303 S Main St
  • 605.626.0952

Southern Shack Designs

The two side-by-side buildings making up Southern Shack Designs hold decorative items new and old. Antique, vintage, and collectible items are featured alongside designs the owners Lynne and Mike McCafferty have refinished into modern, colorful styles. “We try not to take away from its history and its story,” Lynne says.

Lynne calls the shop a “collaboration” between different vendors who work as a team to support each other as small businesses. One team member, Keith Richter from K & K Collectibles, says the value in antique, vintage, and collectible items comes from the memory preserved either from his own childhood or from the history of the piece.

Southern Shack also offers refinishing services to anyone who already has an antique, vintage, or collectible piece that needs some care.

  • 312 6th Ave SW
  • 605.377.4239

Hitch’N Post Antiques & Collectibles

Behind the country-western retail of The Hitch’n Post, jewelry, dishes, knick-knacks, and books line the shelves of the antique and collectible shop in the back of the store. The shop, which is open seven days a week, is made of booths from different local antique vendors, according to Hitch’n Post owner Terry Larson. “They can have their own antique shop without being there 24/7,” he says.

Since the booths are stocked and maintained by individual vendors, each booth’s selection reflects the unique personality of each vendor and the selection is widely varied. Some current vendors participated with the original antique shop started by Larry Lorenzen and Sandy Hunstad almost 20 years ago. Terry says the antique shop brings people to the store who may not otherwise come, and then, they fall for the building’s old, western charms. “We’ve kept it old,” Terry says about the decor style and building.

The original Hitch’n Post sign is featured in the antique shop to commemorate the history of the business.

  • 2061 6th Ave SE
  • 605.229.1665

Red’s Market

Red’s Market furthers the eclectic nature of Red Rooster Coffeehouse and draws new people to the unique downtown location, which acts as a coffee shop, event and performance venue, used bookstore, art gallery, and antique shop. The market to the right inside the main entrance displays antiques and a few handmade items of over a dozen individual vendors. “They each have their own aesthetic, taste, and what they like, so they set up their booth accordingly,” co-owner Dan Cleberg says. “So, you get these different personalities as you walk through the place.” Vendors’ vibes range from repurposed home decor to retro pop culture items to salt and pepper shakers. “The cool thing about them all is they have a passion for finding those cool things out there and then sharing them with other people,” Dan says.

Dan adds Red’s Market represents a milestone for the Rooster because on trips with his co-owner and sister Kileen Limvere, they often searched for coffeehouses and antique shops, so adding the antique section represents their personal character as well as that of the Rooster. 

  • 218 S Main St.
  • 205.225.6603

Junque Shack

Mother-daughter duo Susie Kroupa and Abby Murano, owners of Junque Shack, may label their items “junk,” but the items for sale have often been scrubbed, waxed, sealed, and reimagined into trendy decor for modern homes.“So, your imagination is just always going,” Abby says.

Junque Shack celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019 of collecting antique and vintage items especially in farmhouse style or neutral black, white, and gray colors, which Abby says are her favorite styles but adds the store keeps variety for anyone’s tastes.

“The different ideas of how you can decorate with it, like for Christmas or for the spring or you can plant in it or you can display your dishware on it,” Abby says. “I would say that’s what’s unique—and fun—is how is this piece going to be pictured into the end game?”

The shop is open about once a month, and Abby said ‘junk’ on the surrounding sidewalks is the signal the shack is having a sale. 

  • 422 S Illinois St Suite 3
  • 605.622.0605

Bourdon’s Antiques

Upon entering Bourdon’s Antiques, customers and children are sure to recognize the friendly greeting by the 7-year-old small dog Mango. From there, the shop expands from larger furniture and decorations into artistic items, such as cameras, instruments, and records, toward the back with kitchen items, toys, and rustic tools. “It’s one of those businesses that you can get an array of anything, and I like that,” owner Lynn Bourdon says. “You’ve got to buy whatever is there because—of the many people that do come through here—everybody is looking for something different.”

The store was started 40 years ago by Lynn’s mother, and Lynn often worked there throughout her life. Resulting from years of collecting, Bourdon’s Antiques has a little of everything. Recently, Bourdon’s has taken on a newer selection of modern home decor items to complement the older items dating back to the ’30s. Open seasonally April/May through December. Call for details.

  • 38497 133rd St
  • 605.228.9821