Inspire, Instruct, Invest

Inspire, Instruct, Invest

Jk Child

Just Kidding Childcare Center opens in the Industrial Park.

After Pastors Drew and Christi Becker launched Freedom Church in Aberdeen’s Industrial Park, they started praying about what they could do with the church’s first floor. The entire space was empty and they wanted to use it for good, but they weren’t sure exactly what that would look like. When Drew suggested a childcare center, they were both surprised. Christi says, “We discovered child care is a huge need here, but neither of us had a background in that field.” Enter Adwoa Street, a new Aberdeen resident who has a master’s in early childhood development and in education counseling. Her education, along with her previous experience in developing childcare centers, made her the perfect fit for the role of center director. Christi says, ”Adwoa really makes it her mission to know and love each child here. She makes this their home away from home.”

Just Kidding Childcare Center opened in August 2019. They care for children ages four weeks to preschool and also hold after school and summer programs. Christi says what sets them apart is their curriculum and their dedication to each child and family. “We really want to inspire every child, instruct them through teachable moments, and invest in them so they have a successful future.” // — Jenny Roth

Just Kidding Childcare Center is located at 516 Production Street, Suite 100. To reach them or inquire about openings, call 605-725-KIDZ or head to