Hardly Working: An Opening Act

Hardly Working: An Opening Act


Hardly Working is new on the scene. An Aberdeen business owner seeks to specialize in marketing and theater production.

Multi-talented and looking to re-establish her east coast hybrid business here in Aberdeen, Deena Roynane is a founding member of Hardly Working Promotions, LLC. This firm specializes in marketing and theater production. Although the theater portion of the firm is in the works, Deena has spearheaded its marketing efforts. Having done marketing events around town for the Main Frame and Conklin Clinics, Deena says, “I take the burden of marketing off clients and run with their vision in mind.” // — Karlie Spiry

Hardly Working Promotions, LLC can be reached on their social media pages, by phone at 407.460.2236, or on its website at www.hardlyworkingpromotions.com.

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