Pheasant Hunting in Aberdeen: 2020 Ringneck Rush

Pheasant Hunting in Aberdeen: 2020 Ringneck Rush

Pheasant Hunting In Aberdeen

Opening weekend for pheasant hunting in Aberdeen is behind us, but the traditional pheasant hunting season continues through January 31. Whether you’re a guest or a local in Brown County, this page is your quick guide for all things pheasant hunting in the Aberdeen area. //

The Basics

Shooting Hours: 10:00 AM Central Time – sunset

License Requirements:

Residents: Small Game License, any Combination License, Youth Small Game License, or 1-Day Small Game License .

Nonresidents: Nonresident Small Game License or Nonresident Youth Small Game License (each valid for two 5-day hunting periods; start dates must be identified before license is issued). Multiple licenses may be purchased to hunt more than the two 5-day periods allowed by one license.

Daily Limit: Three rooster pheasants

Possession Limit: 15 rooster pheasants, taken according to the daily limit.

Where to Hunt

Watch for these signs to know what type of land you’re hunting.

Walk-in Areas

Screen Shot 2021 01 21 At 8.21.28 Am

These are privately-owned lands leased for public hunting access by the SDGFP. No further permission is required from landowners to hunt these areas.

CREP (Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program)

Screen Shot 2021 01 21 At 8.21.44 Am

Administered by the Farm Service Agency, these are another example of privately-owned lands leased for public hunting and fishing access.

Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition Land

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Found throughout the county and marked with teal green boundary signs and SDGFP walk-in signs, these sites are privately-owned and open to public hunting access through the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

Game Production Areas

Screen Shot 2021 01 21 At 8.22.05 Am

These outdoor regions are managed for the production and maintenance of wildlife. The CasanovaGame Production Area, located southwest of Aberdeen, is one of the best state-owned lands for pheasant hunting.


Local Sporting Goods Providers

Dunham’s | 605.229.3023 |

Jim’s Gun and Service Center | 605.225.9111 | Facebook: Jim’s Gun Service Center

Ken’s SuperFair Foods | 605.225.6671 |

Kessler’s | 605.225.1692

Runnings | 605.226.2600

SoDak Sports | 605.996.0316

Walmart | 6052292345

Young Guns | 605.725.2506

Hunting Lodges in Brown County

Base Kamp (Groton)

Lodge Flatland Flyways (Hecla)

Foote Creek Bed & Breakfast

Half Cocked Lodge (Mina)

Pheasant Country Hunts (Aberdeen)

Pine Shadows Daybreak (Frederick)

Rivett Refuge Lodge (Mina)

Royal Flush Hunting Lodge (Stratford)

Wyly Farm & Ranch (Aberdeen)

Online Resources

Download the SD GFP Outdoors App!

  • Purchase your hunting license and keep it on your phone 
  • View public hunting maps by county 
  • Download 2020 hunting and fishing handbooks 
  • Organize your license, maps, and downloads in a digital backpack

Available on Android Google Play and iPhone App Store.

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