Technology to Move Business Forward

Technology to Move Business Forward

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Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay. And for businesses, the right tech tools can significantly impact your efficiency and bottom line. But where do you start? There are so many apps, services, and programs out there. It can be overwhelming to figure out which ones will work for you, let alone understand how to use them properly. To take the research, learning curve, and headache out of technology for business owners, Deatrick LaPointe created Take-Care. 

LaPointe founded the company in 2007 in the Twin Cities and brought his services with him when he moved back to his hometown of Aberdeen this past year. During your initial free consultation, he’ll look at your unique business and see what types of technology you can implement to see gains, save costs, and maximize productivity. But using technology goes beyond profits. 

“It’s also about helping people feel comfortable embracing technology, so they can go from being frustrated with tech to confidently using it to enhance their current business model,” LaPointe said.”

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