Reiki Spa Offers Energy-Enhancing Services

Reiki Spa Offers Energy-Enhancing Services

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In a time when stress and uncertainty are arguably at an all-time high, it’s helpful to know there are places out there where managing that stress and tapping into positive energy is not just a nice bonus but the main focus. That’s the case for Natasha Valnes-Jorgenson, owner of the newly opened Vibrant Life Spa and a medical reiki master. Valnes-Jorgenson’s job is to provide her clients with ways to remove and/ or block negative energy from their bodies and minds, leaving them instead with healing energy both for themselves and those around them.

“Our entire body is made out of energy,” Valnes-Jorgenson said. “The energy that surrounds us impacts us in positive or negative ways. Within a reiki session, I connect on an energetic level with my client—most of the aliments we have stem from our energetic system.” 

Vibrant Life offers a variety of energy-based services to clients, including reiki energy work, halotherapy, holistic life coaching, polychromatic light therapy, ionic cell cleanses, and sound and vibration therapy. Clients can book an appointment through the spa’s Facebook page. Valnes-Jorgenson hopes she can provide services that will help get her clients back on track, physically and emotionally. 

“We need to be empowered to get our bodies back working the way they can and the way they deserve,” she said. “We all deserve to work on an energetic, emotional, and physical level, but we often underestimate what our own bodies can do.”

Vibrant Life Spa is open by appointment. Clients can book online at or by calling 605.742.4183.