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Catering in the Hub City

Food For Thought

Catering at the Ramkota is unique to each couple hosting their wedding ceremony or reception at the venue. Photo courtesy of Brittany Heezen.

From food trucks to all-inclusive venues, catering in Aberdeen has something for every couple.

Chicken or beef.

Plated versus buffet.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Do we offer a kid’s meal?

What if our second cousin’s kid refuses to eat chicken strips?!

Catering a wedding can be complicated. And we have not even mentioned the cost per plate yet.

But fortunately for couples getting married in Aberdeen, there is a sizable banquet of options to choose from when it comes to deciding which caterer to hirer for your big day.And that’s a good thing! Because catering – and the food you plan to serve at your reception – is not an element of wedding planning to be taken lightly. According to The Aisle Guide, of the things your guests will remember most about your wedding is the good (or bad) food they were served. That is a lot of pressure for a meal you will probably barely touch, at least if you’re the bride!

Hub City caterers though? They have you covered.

Whether you are envisioning an elegant table setting featuring a cut of prime rib as the pièce de résistance or a laid-back buffet for your closest friends to feast on, there is a catering option for every couple getting married in Aberdeen.

Here, we introduce you to four caterers who frequently do weddings in town, but there are many more vendors that did not make this list. From individuals with their own small catering businesses to restaurants who will turn your favorite Friday night meal into a dinner fit for 250 people, each caterer creates their own take on wedding cuisine, price point, menu offerings, and style.

Wedding food should ultimately be what you want it to be, and these caterers will all make sure your guests do not go home hungry.



Appetizers can be served during a cocktail hour or throughout the evening. The Ramkota provides all catering staff as part of wedding packages. Photo courtesy of Brittany Heezen.

Best Western Ramkota

If you are a couple with eyes on the buffet line, catering through the Ramkota, attached to Minerva’s Restaurant & Bar, is the place for you.

Ramkota general manager Bruce Kieffer said his team mostly does buffets when it comes to weddings, but the final decision on what is served is up to the couple.

“We can do as laid-back or as high-end of a menu as you want,” Kieffer said. “We’re pretty affordable, and our wedding menu is designed to sell.”

Catering through the Ramkota is only available to couples who book one of the hotel and convention center’s two banquet rooms for their ceremony or reception, but that stipulation might be worth it to a couple looking for that Minerva’s-quality dinner in an elegant atmosphere.

Additionally, Kieffer said couples who book with the Ramkota are given a bridal suite to use the night of their big day, free of charge.

“We’ve done just about anything,” Kieffer said. “We offer assistance from start to finish out here. Our catering director is the go-to when you have questions, and we provide the staff to set up and serve the wedding.”For more information and to book the Ramkota as your caterer, call their front desk at (605) 229-4040 and ask for Bruce. Top photo courtesy of Brittany Heezen.


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Photo courtesy of Shagan Pit.

Shagan Pit BBQ food truck

Food trucks have become increasingly popular options for wedding catering as couples look to pair a unique touch with excellent fresh food.

Shagan Pit BBQ, a food truck and catering business owned and operated by Scott Hagan, is a one-stop shop for couples wanting a totally customizable menu and the unique bonus of a food truck ready to serve guests some award-winning BBQ.

“We do everything from a simple sandwich and chips to smoked prime rib,” Hagan said. “We go beyond just BBQ food, we do so many things.”

Some of those menu items include grilled crab legs—which Hagan assures potential couples they will want on the menu after he shows them how inexpensive an option crab really is—grilled or smoked chicken, the food truck’s classic BBQ meats, and even vegetarian and vegan entrée selections.

Just because his team is serving dishes out of a food truck, does not mean they cannot put together a refined plate of high-quality food, Hagan mentions. For the Shagan Pit, it’s all about the couple and what they want for their wedding day.


Photo courtesy of Shagan Pit.

“If you want that backyard barbecue feel, we can do that,” he said. “But if you want something nicer, we can design a menu that you can plate well. We always make sure the first dish tastes as good as the last one, that’s how I’ve always handled my business.”

For more information and to book the Shagan Pit BBQ food truck, visit





Owner Stephanie Aas shows off some catering items she provided for an event at Presentation College earlier this spring. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Aas.

Canterbury Deli & Catering

As “minimonies” (mini ceremonies) and intimate weddings have become the norm thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, couples have chosen to use smaller catering businesses to fit their limited guest count. Cue Canterbury Deli & Catering.

The beloved Main Street lunch spot is not the place to book if you are looking to feed 350 famished guests, but owner Stephanie Aas said she is the perfect catering option for couples planning a small wedding or rehearsal dinner.

“I really only do specialty catering events now,” Aas said. “I don’t do as many weddings as I used to since I’m the only employee now, but I do have quite a few parties, showers, and smaller weddings booked for this summer.”


Photo courtesy of Stephanie Aas.


Photo courtesy of Stephanie Aas.

Those events have Aas making 45 pies for weddings in June and July alone. And although her wedding catering repertoire favors the more intimate gathering of family and friends, Aas said her storefront, particularly the outdoor seating area in the back of the restaurant, is the perfect place for a bridal shower.

For more information and to book Canterbury as your caterer, call Stephanie at (605) 228-1912.



One of the most popular catering options for wedding receptions at the DEC is their buffet. Photo courtesy of Olivia White.

Dakota Events Center

When you think of weddings in Aberdeen, most people picture the impeccable receptions at the Dakota Events Center (DEC) on 6th Avenue.

The popular wedding venue plays host to hundreds of weddings during the season, and for good reason. It is a full-service venue that takes care of everything for the couple in-house, including catering.

“The reason we like to cater weddings is because we know we’re going to produce and give your guests a wonderful meal without the stress,” director of sales Rachael Cramond said. “You don’t have to worry about preparing any of the meal—we take care of that for you.”

All weddings at the DEC are catered by Maverick’s Steak & Cocktails, but couples can customize their meal to fit their wedding style, budget, and guest list. Popular dishes include Mavericks’ famous steak, chicken, or roast beef. Cramond said some couples have chosen to serve more specialized fare like a pasta dish or a Mexican food buffet.


Olivia and Adam White enjoyed the catering at the DEC for their summer wedding reception. Photo courtesy of Olivia White.

The DEC can serve up to 600 guests and price per plate depends on guest count and entrées served.

“There’s something to be said about us handling everything for you,” Cramond said. “It’s stress-free, and then you can focus on what’s actually important that day: the wedding and your marriage.”

For more information and to reserve the DEC, visit



Smaller Cake

Photo courtesy of Tyra Gefroh.

**Bonus** You!

You – yes you – can choose to cater your own wedding! Whether you consider yourself a budding master chef or you simply have friends and family who would love to pitch in and be involved in the process, catering your own wedding is a guaranteed way to ensure that the food is served fresh with the comfort feeling of a homemade meal.

Even if you choose not to assemble every single finger sandwich available as an appetizer, you can still have a hand in your wedding catering in a variety of ways.

Love to bake? Bake your own wedding cake! (Avoid making it the day of your wedding)

Ask your trusted family members to whip up your favorite desserts for the dessert table.

Prepare pans of homemade lasagna that can be frozen before your big day and reheat when you are ready for your guests.

The possibilities are endless, and (possibly) less expensive, when you choose you and your family as your wedding caterer.


Whichever route best fits your wedding itinerary, from an all-inclusive catering staff to a food truck ready to serve the freshest fare, you and your guests will be talking for months about the delicious meal at your wedding reception when you select an Aberdeen wedding caterer. // –Kaylyn Deiter