Malchow Plaza Mural Sparks Hometown Conversations

Malchow Plaza Mural Sparks Hometown Conversations

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Nicole (front) and Nick Fischer work on a new mural that will go on display at the Malchow Plaza. 

Artistic duo Nick and Nicole Fischer are lending their practiced mural-painting hands to a new installation going in at the Malchow Plaza. The couple, who have been working as commissioned artists for the last 19 years together, are bringing a mural distinctly Aberdeen to downtown’s newest hot spot—highlighting the best of the Hub City, both past and present. 

The mural, which the Fischers painted and designed off-site on wooden boards, depicts glass jars filled with colorful marbles. It’s a nostalgic picture, but upon closer inspection, each of the marbles reveals a scene from Aberdeen or around the region—from Wylie Park and the Brown County Fair to Twist Cone and the rolling prairie. 

“We wanted to create something that highlights the things we love about Aberdeen,” Nicole said. “We’re all a bit out of practice socially with COVID, so we hope that looking at the mural inspires conversation between the people standing there together.” 

The mural will be installed on the brick of the new Malchow Plaza building on the wall closest to Main Street, facing north. Just another reason, among many, to hang out downtown and enjoy all things Aberdeen this summer. // – Kaylyn Deiter

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