Relive Aberdeen’s History Through Live Storytelling

Relive Aberdeen’s History Through Live Storytelling

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Costumed characters from Brown County’s past will share historical accounts at the Dacotah Prairie Museum’s History Alive event in June. Pictured are curator of exhibits, Marianne Marttila-Klipfel (left), and her mother, Annikki Marttila. 

Who was Howard W. Cole, and why was he elected sheriff in 1902? What was the crowd like when President Taft arrived in the Hub City by train in 1911? How did Dakota Territory suffragists help women achieve the right to vote?

As people, we have always learned about where we come from through stories that get passed down through generations. So what better way to understand the history of our region than by hearing from the people who were there? While we can’t go back in time and do exactly this, History Alive at the Centennial Village offers the next best thing!

At History Alive, costumed characters representing people from Aberdeen’s early days will share information, stories, and personal accounts of local historical events. Guests will walk the boardwalk at Centennial village, interacting with each character and listening to their tales of life in Brown County over 100 years ago. This live-action history event will represent the fur trade era through the women’s suffrage movement. 

Hosted by the Dacotah Prairie Museum, History Alive is happening June 12 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Centennial Village. It’s open to all ages, and admission is free. The day promises to be a fully-immersed, living-history experience. // – Jenny Roth

For more details on History Alive, contact the Dacotah Prairie Museum at 605-626-7117.