Warm Weather Welcomes Dempsey’s Hot Dog Cart

Warm Weather Welcomes Dempsey’s Hot Dog Cart

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Danger von Dogs offers a variety of unique hot dog combinations and toppings. Pictured in the photo are (from left) Michael Bacon and Pat Witte. Photo by Troy McQuillen

Danger von Dempsey’s Pizzeria & Brewhaus in Aberdeen is known for its pizza and craft brews, but as the days grow longer, a popular summer feature makes its appearance on South Main Street. Danger von Dogs, Dempsey’s eccentric hot dog cart, reopened on May 13.

The unique hot dog cart made its Aberdeen debut in August 2020.

Eating Hot Dog

Sean Dempsey enjoying the delicious flavors with every bite.

Sean Dempsey, the owner of both Aberdeen and Watertown locations, launched the first hot dog cart at Dempsey’s Brewery in Watertown in June 2020. Curious to see if the residents of Aberdeen would love hot dogs as much as Watertown, Sean opened the second hot dog cart in Aberdeen.

Danger von Dogs was a perfect fit for Aberdeen, especially as the pandemic forced businesses to alter their hours. Being able to offer a mobile food option allowed the business to expand hours for part-time workers as well as continue to offer a lunch option for Dempsey’s customers.

The main menu consists of Chicago, Coney, Cincinnati, and Warsaw styles. The crowd favorite being the Cincinnati, a chili cheese dog with crushed Fritos.

This noteworthy hot dog cart also features a hot dog of the week with fun and creative ingredients.

The Aberdeen hot dog cart will be operating three days a week: Thursdays in front of Danger von Dempsey’s and Fridays/Saturdays in varying locations. Look for the cart at the Malchow Plaza farmer’s market as well as the Downtown concert series. The cart will remain open through September. //– Josie Clemens

Stay updated on the specials and location of the hot dog cart on Facebook on the Proper Hot Dog Aberdeen page. Questions? Email [email protected].