Hidden Hill Lodge Makes Their Guests Feel Like Family

Hidden Hill Lodge Makes Their Guests Feel Like Family

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Hidden Hill Lodge 43084 125th St. • Roslyn, SD 57261 • 605-550-0445

Hidden Hills Lodge near Roslyn, SD, is certainly hidden. With only one access road, the lodge isn’t visible until you’re right up on it. Their seclusion has turned into a huge plus as it helps people disconnect from their busy life and focus on having fun. While Christianity and spirituality isn’t necessarily what they’re known for, it’s clear their guests become like family as connections are formed mainly due to the God-given beauty of their site.

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After a little praying, some divine intervention, and a foreclosure, Lorrie (left) and Carla Sanderson of Claremont jumped at the opportunity to purchase an empty lodge near Roslyn, SD, and turn it into Hidden Hill Lodge.

Carla and Lorrie Sanderson are in their ninth season of operation. They run an all-season lodge specializing in guided pheasant hunts and private lodge rentals for family reunions and corporate and private party retreats. In between those events, the Sandersons offer individual room rentals, but most of those are multiple-night rentals as well. 

A private access lake is right out the front door, and many pheasant hunters participate in what they call their “Blast and Cast.” After bagging their limit with shotguns, the hunters grab their fishing rods and take to the lake to fish. The Sandersons believe ice fishing is as popular as pheasant hunting. Other activities kids and families enjoy are their nine-hole pasture golf course (when not under water), trap shooting, and a long-range rifle range.

The lodge is spacious. It can sleep 34 people in a combination of queen-size and extra-long twin beds. The building has three full floors of rooms and common areas. The most popular common area is the converted garage where the dogs hang out. The Hidden Hill Lodge All-inclusive Guided Pheasant package includes lodging, guided hunts, full-service meals, and more. Private party rentals and individual room stays may choose between full-service meals or cooking their own meals in the guest kitchen.

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The Sandersons keep eight pointing labs with them at all times to assist with hunts. Hunting groups are typically 20 people, and they break those down to three groups with two dogs per group, allowing some to stay back and rest up. The dogs have become somewhat famous on social media as they “bow their heads as Lorrie leads them in prayer” prior to eating.

Whatever the draw is to Hidden Hill Lodge—the spirit, the camaraderie, the action—people keep coming back year after year from all over the United States and as far away as Kenya and England. They even attracted an International Space Station astronaut.

“We don’t push Christianity on our guests, but it’s just a part of us. We are so blessed and humbled to have this place, and to be able to share it with others. As a form of thanks, we always say grace before each meal, and the dogs even bow their heads before their meal. After a few meals, everyone is joining in the prayers because they see how peaceful and happy we are, and they feel like family,” Lorrie said.

“When we think it can’t get any more marvelous, God gives us better and better sunsets,” Carla concluded. //

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