Make Every Day a Party!
Stop saving your “good” clothes for special occasions and start living every day in style.

Make Every Day a Party!

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Models: (front row) Laure Swanson and Amy Blackstone; (back row) Grayson McCranie, Lorenzo Pereda, Kelly Herther, Courtland McCranie, Vicci Stange, Jerry Trefz, Kiernan McCranie

We all have at least one piece of clothing in our closet that we couldn’t resist buying in the store, knowing it would look remarkable at a wedding or fancy restaurant. But months go by, and you are still looking for that perfect opportunity to wear it. Well, here is your sign to stop waiting and start adding style to every part of your day! Whether you are out buying groceries, having a relaxing evening with your friends, or going to the movies with your family, no moment is too small. We never know what the future holds, and on these pages, Skal Moon shows you how to celebrate TODAY! So put on that stunning dress you’ve been hiding in your closet, grab that colorful button-down shirt you have been waiting to wear, and dress to impress for every occasion this fall. //

Photography Christina Shilman, Paisley Tree Photography 

Venue Canterbury Deli & Catering 

Outfits, accessories, drink glasses, martini set, and wine chiller Skal Moon 

Floral arrangements, gold decor, and lights Aberdeen Floral 

Half-arch balloon display Beyond the Balloon