Bridal Shows for the Bride-to-Be
Network with wedding vendors, enjoy a day with your friends, win prizes—a bridal show is a one stop shop for brides-to-be.

Bridal Shows for the Bride-to-Be

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A bridal show may seem overwhelming, and if you have a good handle on your wedding planning, you may think that attendance at these events seem unnecessary. However, bridal shows are designed for every bride-to-be, no matter what stage they are with their wedding planning. The experience is unique to each person and can be a memorable day with some of your closest friends. And who knows, maybe you will win a prize!

Benefits of a Bridal Show

Connect with Vendors

Sometimes having an in-person conversation is the best way to see if their personality is a fit for you. You want your wedding day to be in good hands, so you can focus on enjoying your big day with your partner. Even if you aren’t sure if a vendor is the right one for you, a bridal show is a great event to learn from the experts and hear their advice for wedding tips and tricks.

One Stop Shop

Looking for vendors in the area may be difficult if you don’t know where to start. You may know a couple businesses from friends’ recommendations, but a bridal show is an excellent resource to compare prices side by side and visually see the differences between vendors who specialize in similar services.

View the Latest Trends

Find inspiration at bridal shows. Seeing different styles and creative displays with the bustle of other brides who have their own perspectives may spark an idea that you wouldn’t have found flipping through a magazine or Instagram page.

Tips for the Bride-To-Be

Create a wedding email address

To save yourself from receiving all of your subscriptions, vendor responses, booking information, and more from clogging up your personal email, create a new email address just for your wedding to help you organize your planning.

Bring contact stickers, labels, or a stamp

Most vendors at bridal shows will ask for the same information. Investing in an item like labels or a stamp with your name, phone, and email will save you time from writing the same thing over and over again.

Be prepared

Pre-registering for an event will help you skip the lines early in the morning. Look up the list of vendors who will be attending the event and research their work before you arrive. As a bride, it is helpful to have an idea of your style, budget, and type of vendors you might want at your wedding. Also, type out a list of basic questions you want to ask vendors. Lastly, it is important to wear comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet all day and don’t want to end the experience sooner than you want.

Take notes

Bring an empty tote bag to store any prizes you might win or free items from vendor booths. A notepad is great for writing down vendor info you want to remember or any ideas you have for your own wedding. And take photos so you don’t have to try to remember every last detail from that day!

Follow-up with vendors

You may think it’s best to wait for the vendors you talked to at the bridal show to contact you first, but remember they met with dozens of other potential clients that day. It may be a while before they have time to check back with you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them first. 

Keep an open mind

As a bride-to-be, you may have envisioned your dream wedding for quite some time. At a bridal show, don’t limit yourself to only a few vendors. You want to cover your priorities, but don’t forget to enjoy your experience, too. Sign up for all the prizes that you can, stay hydrated, and take advantage of having so many vendors all in one location. //

Mark Your Calendars!

Hub City Radio Bridal Showcase

March 6, 2022

 If you are planning a wedding in Northeast South Dakota, you won’t want to miss this bridal showcase at the Dakota Event Center in Aberdeen. Vendors from all around the area will be attending this event to help you with all your planning needs from engagement photos to wedding day activities to your honeymoon and more! Brides-to-be can sign up to win various prizes. Use the tips above to make the most of your experience at the Hub City Radio Bridal Showcase.