In Full Bloom: Wedding Florals in the Hub City
Roses are red, violets are blue, wedding flowers should be totally you!

In Full Bloom: Wedding Florals in the Hub City

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Photo by Abby Brick Photography

There are many elements that make a wedding, a wedding. From the couple (pretty much a must-have) to desserts and dancing—every wedding is unique, but most weddings traditionally have a few mainstays.

One of those wedding staples: flowers.

Flowers are everywhere when it comes to a wedding—the bridal bouquet, the boutonnieres, decorating the cake, lining the aisle, hair pieces, and flower crowns.

But just like no two couples are alike, no two wedding celebrations are alike when it comes to floral options. In fact, that variety can be kind of overwhelming. Luckily, Aberdeen boasts many different options for wedding florals, no matter what theme or style you’re going for.

Lily’s Floral Design & Gifts

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Rebbeca Padfield, Floral Designer at Lily’s. Photo by Troy McQuillen.

Lily’s has been in the business of wedding florals for years, and for many in Aberdeen, it’s the go-to place for weddings of all styles, sizes, and budgets.

“Our job is to help couples create the most amazing flowers for their special day,” co-owner Pam Teigen said. “That means we do everything from bridal bouquets and boutonnieres to centerpieces and altar pieces.”

Pam, her daughter Kris Teigen-Erickson, and their five “rock star” designers, create floral designs that are unique to each couple. In addition to floral design and setup, the shop can also provide decor like fabric and candles, plus help with table design for the wedding reception.

Pam said over the years Lily’s has seen every kind of bride come to the shop for wedding flowers.

“We have brides looking for flowers to go get married by the Justice of the Peace, and then we have brides who are planning to have 300 to 500 people at their wedding. We try to make each wedding unique to what the bride and groom envision for their day.”

That personalization is what makes Lily’s stand out. The shop tries to stick to doing only one or two weddings per weekend to really focus on the couples they serve, and each floral design is catered to the flowers, colors, and budget of the couple.

For more information on Lily’s, visit their website at

The Boston Fern

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Photo courtesy of Kara Leidholt

Turning a bride’s vision into reality is at the heart of The Boston Fern’s wedding floral process. 

“Our favorite thing about the wedding process is meeting the clients and finding out what their vision is because everybody is different,” manager Kara Leidholt said. “It’s also fun to see the finished designs at the end. It all starts with detailed notes on a piece of paper and transforms into a beautiful finished bridal design.”

The design work is creatively crafted by Laura Job, who has 38 years of experience with designing floral arrangements for weddings. Alongside some of their traditional services of bouquets, venue decor, and boutonnieres, The Boston Fern also offers loose flowers and greens by the stem.

Kara encourages couples to have plenty of ideas and trust The Boston Fern to take those ideas and bring them to life. The floral shop’s creations are beyond the ordinary and created with love.

“We are so easy to work with! We offer free bridal consultations and charge no hidden fees after that.”

For more information on The Boston Fern, visit their website at

Rustic Roots Florals

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Photo courtesy of Juli Elmer

For the bride and groom wanting something a little less “traditional” when it comes to flowers, look no further than Aberdeen’s Rustic Roots Florals. Rustic Roots specializes in creating wedding florals for the couple who envisions a more natural feel.

“We tend to do a much more natural and organic look than a lot of places,” owner Juli Elmer said. “The arrangements are more outdoorsy-feeling with lots of greenery and texture.”

Although Rustic Roots has become known for its succulents, Juli said that’s not all she does, far from it. Instead, Juli can design all your wedding florals—from bouquets to boutonnieres and everything in between—all with her signature freshly-picked-wildflowers style.  

“I really like that boho look,” she said. “But if someone wants all white roses everywhere, I just tell them to bring pictures, and I can do that, too.”

Rustic Roots undoubtedly stands out for its floral style, but Juli’s approach to designing with her couples is noteworthy, too. Being next-door neighbors with CJ’s Patisserie, Juli said she frequently sits down with couples over macarons and a cup of coffee for their initial consultation meeting. 

“For me, it’s about being part of this super special day of someone’s life,” Juli said. “It’s a life experience for them. It’s their fairytale.”

For more information on Rustic Roots Florals, visit their website at

Aberdeen Floral

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Aberdeen Floral team Paula Kokales, Cindy Carlson, and Leah Anderson

Gone are the days of every bride wanting all roses or all gerbera daisies at her wedding, and no one knows that better than the ladies of Aberdeen Floral.

Where wedding floral packages once dominated what a couple could pick out and customize for their big day, now personalized designs are the name of the game. The more unique the better, in owner Cindy Carlson’s opinion.

“We make it very personal, every bride is different,” Cindy said. “We’ve had a lot of weddings this year with COVID last year, and there’ve maybe been a few that were similar, but really each one is so different. It’s fun when someone wants us to do something out of the ordinary.” 

Cindy and designer Paula Kokales said they usually sit down with the bride to find out what the couple wants as far as flowers and wedding style. The duo said it’s good for brides to know their colors, the church, and the venue they’re looking at before booking an appointment with a florist.

“Designing weddings is something we need to set aside time for and give our attention to,” Paula said. “We want to make it a good experience for them and help them stand out in the way they want to stand out on their wedding day.”

For more information on Aberdeen Floral, visit their website at

Artificial Flowers

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Photo courtesy of Keely Nicole Photography

Although real flowers might be the go-to choice when it comes to weddings, artificial flowers are making a big comeback for couples wanting to play a bigger role in deciding what their bouquets look like, having a specific budget in mind, or wanting a timeless keepsake.

Aberdeen bride Kara Flakus got married in July 2021 and decided to use all artificial blooms and greens when it came to florals for her modern and minimalist summer wedding.

“I don’t like a ton of flowers. I was more into the greenery,” Kara said. “I wanted more green for summer and to have a bouquet I could keep forever.”

Kara accomplished her vision by purchasing pre-made bouquets and boutonnieres in her wedding colors from Hobby Lobby and then adding touches of yellow for a pop of color.

“Financially, I would recommend it, and it was nice to have everything done ahead of time,” she said. “My flowers turned out exactly how I wanted them, and now I can have my bouquet in my house forever.”  

For more information on Hobby Lobby’s artificial floral options, visit their website at

Preserving Your Flowers: Kristi’s Cakes Freeze-Dried Flowers

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Photo courtesy of Kristi Burns

As you can see, there’s a plethora of options when it comes to wedding florals in the Hub City, but what do you do with those beautiful blooms after that last piece of cake has been eaten, the bouquet tossed, and you’ve said your goodbyes?

That’s where Kristi’s Cakes comes in.

Known mostly for her ornate cakes for all occasions, Kristi Burns of Kristi’s Cakes also specializes in preserving and creating displays of wedding florals through freeze-drying. It’s a multi-step process that ensures couples can keep a part of their wedding day alive..

“Freeze-drying is a great way to preserve your flowers and have them last,” Kristi said. “They get this amazing, antique look to them and seem really vintage when I’m all done with the process.”

Brides are encouraged to call ahead and schedule an appointment with Kristi before their wedding date to make sure she has openings. The sooner Kristi can pick up the bouquet after the wedding the better, to guarantee the flowers retain their shape and don’t go through too much wear and tear before the freeze-drying process. 

“The flowers come out completely dry and really hold their shape,” Kristi said. “Most flowers work really well for freeze-drying, it’s definitely the best method if you’re wanting to save your flowers.”

To set up an appointment with Kristi and view her arrangements, visit her Facebook page for Kristi’s Cakes.