Updos for the I Dos
Looking for wedding day hair inspiration? Follow along in this Q & A featuring Reaghan Smith from Audra Day Spa and Salon.

Updos for the I Dos

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Since December 2019, Reaghan Smith has been styling hair and creating makeup looks at Audra Day Spa and Salon. Special occasion looks help her clients feel confident, which is one of her favorite parts about her job. Even though she does both hair and makeup services, this interview focuses on her work with styling hair for weddings. Follow along to learn more about Reaghan’s process leading up to the wedding day and take notes on her tips for choosing a hairstyle for your special occasion.

Q: How did you get started styling bridal hair?

A: Growing up, my grandma was a hairdresser, and my best memories are sitting with her at her shop watching her work. I went to high school in Warner, and during my high school years of cheerleading, I enjoyed helping other girls with their hair for competition. I think it is important to be able to style hair for any occasion, so you can appeal to everyone’s needs. I have been styling bridal hair for three years now. I got started when I first started working in a salon. I am based out of Aberdeen, and I am willing to travel as far as 200 miles.

Q: What services and styles do you offer for wedding occasions?

A: I offer hair and makeup services for weddings. As for styles, I leave that up to the brides, bridesmaids, and anyone else part of the wedding party. I do offer hair extensions. With weddings, a lot of brides want more to their hair styles. If they are just looking for a fuller look for that day, I recommend a halo piece which just clips to the back of the head.

Q: What should a bride consider when choosing a wedding day hairstyle?

A: I keep the hairstyle and makeup looks up to the bride and bridesmaids. If they are unsure, I ask them, “Do you want more of a traditional or boho look?” Those are two of my most popular styles. When deciding a hairstyle, I like to see what their dress looks like. If the back of the dress is open, I like to recommend them doing a half-up look, ponytails, etc.

Q: What is something people don’t realize when planning a hairstyle?

A: When brides come in with pictures, some don’t realize that their hair isn’t like the picture. So, I like to make it aware to the bride or bridesmaid that what I do to their hair may not look exactly like that because they may not have the same thickness of hair and all work is different.

Q: What is the process for brides who book you for their wedding?

A: In order for me to put the wedding down in our books, I require a $50 deposit. Then that $50 can either go towards one of your trial runs or towards one of the services on your wedding day. When you call or message us, let us know how many people there will be and if you are wanting hair and/or makeup. A year in advance is always nice because we do get very busy with weddings. We do offer trial runs. For a hair trial, I suggest coming in when you will be trying on your dress.

Q: Are there time factors to consider when doing bridal hair?

A: When it comes to time factors, we like to ask the bride when they need to be done, so they can go get dressed for pictures. Then I go into the schedule and see when would be a good time to start, so then myself and the other stylists helping have time to get everyone done. Most weddings are similar when it comes to scheduling, but it all depends on what time the wedding is. Each wedding is different. I myself can do about six hair styles on a wedding day. That goes for makeup as well. Each hairstyle/makeup application takes me about 30 minutes.

Q: How should brides “prep” their hair before the big day?

A: I suggest doing your hair color either a week before or the week of your wedding day. This is also totally up to the bride as well. But, when the wedding day comes, DO NOT wash your hair that morning. Make sure you wash your hair the day before. We don’t have time to dry the hair on the day of the wedding.

Q: What is your favorite part about styling hair for weddings?

A: I have always found that doing wedding hair and makeup is so much fun. I love getting brides and bridesmaids ready for the big day. My favorite part of this job is making people feel confident in themselves and seeing their smiles at the end of their services.

Q: What trends or styles are you excited about going into 2022?

A: I am just excited for more weddings! There are so many hairstyles out there that I am excited for them all. //

You can book hair and makeup with Reaghan by calling 605-725-4002 or going to her Facebook page Beauty by Reaghan.

Photos courtesy of Reaghan Smith