Wedding Vendor Insider
When planning a wedding, communication with your vendors is incredibly important! Learn more about the process with these insider tips from the professionals.

Wedding Vendor Insider

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Aberdeen Recreational and Cultural Center (ARCC)

David Eckert

Simplicity is best. Wedding couples have more and more embraced the “simply elegant” style of wedding ceremonies. It’s less stressful on the family, wedding party, and vendors involved when no one has to worry about extra time to set up and tear down the venue. The Library Auditorium at the ARCC has three one-story windows and hardwood floors, so couples only need minimal decorations to bring their vision of charm and elegance to life, saving them time and money. Couples can just come in, have a beautiful wedding ceremony, and then move to the reception. 

David’s Top Tip: Keep lines of communication open. When you’re working with a venue, always check in with the venue every step of the wedding process. Ask before you send out the invites, ask when something changes, ask, ask, ask, ask! Changes will happen, and it’s important that those are communicated to avoid fixable or unfixable mistakes!

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Muzed Entertainment

Ben Abeyta

Muzed Entertainment has always crafted their music specifically to what the couples want. No wedding will be the same as another, and it is never the DJ’s wedding—it’s the couple’s wedding. Yet, a trend that Muzed has noticed is couples placing family songs at the beginning of the dance, and then adding more party and club-like music later into the evening. Muzed has also been playing more country and classic rock songs recently, but each wedding is incredibly unique.

Ben’s Top Tip: Always bring a playlist of songs you want played at your wedding, as well as a “Do Not Play” list. DJs have songs they normally play at weddings, and there is a chance that one of the songs they have is one you really don’t want to hear at your own wedding. Make sure to have that playlist and don’t be afraid to communicate with your DJ about those songs.

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CJ’s Patisserie

Peri Malsom

CJ’s Patisserie always strives to create their customers’ dream desserts. At CJ’s, they take their guest’s inspiration and make sketches of their prospective cake. This allows the customer to know what the cake will look like before the big day, and they can make any adjustments they may not have predicted in the initial conversation. Recently, CJ’s has been making many classic wedding cakes (smooth white fondant or buttercream with a pearl border) and naked cakes with fresh flowers accompanied by cheesecakes and macarons. Cupcakes are also still very popular.

Peri’s Top Tip: Bring your inspiration with you and have an idea of a budget. The inspiration can be pictures, flowers, colors, your invitations, anything that will give your baker an idea of what you are looking for on your special day. Most of all, have fun with it! Don’t stress. The cake is one of the most fun parts to plan, and your baker will help you through the whole process.