A Modern Day Move

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Members of the MDHC team: (from top left) Lauren Morgan, WHNP; Nina Hanna, Aberdeen Manager; Annie Donaway, PhD, MS, RN, CEO; Lindsay Peterson, CNP, Medical Director; and Jamie Forrest, PT. (From bottom left) Mikala Simon, DPT, Director of Therapies and Kelcey Geditz, CNP.

Modern Day Health Care in Aberdeen relocated its facilities to 1206 S. Main St. on Dec. 13, 2021. The larger space supports an expansion of services and extends their availability for their clients. The company was founded in South Dakota to fill a need in health care for rural areas, offering in-home, in-clinic, and online medical, therapy, and wellness services. The flexibility in health care options caters to the convenience of their clients and creates a quality experience for everyone.

“With our new location, we are excited to be able to serve more people in the region and offer additional services such as women’s health and urgent care. Our unique care delivery options will create new opportunities for our community to have convenient access to caring and expert health care,” Director of Therapies Mikala Simon said. //—Josie Clemens

To learn more about Modern Day Health Care, call 605-250-1200 or visit their website www.moderndayhealthcare.com.