Get to Know: Kristie Martin
Recently named Market President at Dacotah Bank in Aberdeen, Kristie reaches new heights in the company.

Get to Know: Kristie Martin

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Kristie Martin

Kristie Martin was named Market President at Dacotah Bank in Aberdeen on Jan. 1, 2022, earning a promotion from her previous position as Director of Credit Administration.

Living in Aberdeen since junior high, Kristie has called this community her home for most of her life. She graduated from NSU with a degree in finance and economics where she was very involved with student organizations. Kristie continued her education and completed her master’s degree in finance and economics from West Texas A&M University.

Starting at Dacotah Bank in July 2014, her first year was spent in internal audit. “It was a great background for understanding areas of the bank you don’t see working at a branch location for a national financial institution,” Kristie explained. She has been promoted several times since then, using her previous experience to connect with staff and lenders and shape the direction of the company.

And when Kristie isn’t at the bank, she is enjoying home life with her husband, Chris, and their six children. “They are why I work hard,” Kristie said. “As we talk about women in big roles, it doesn’t have to be career or parenting, we have a mix of both.”

Learn a little more about Kristie as you read through our Q and A.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Dacotah Bank?

A: My favorite thing about working for Dacotah Bank is working for a company that gives so much back to the community and promotes employee involvement in the community as well.

Q: What does it mean to you to be the fourth woman company-wide to be Market President?

A: I am excited to have this opportunity, knowing that I can grow in this role for years to come. My counterparts in the market president and President’s Council roles are all ambitious, strong leaders with the bank and have served our company and our customers well. A substantial number of us are not yet or are just over 40, but senior management at the bank recognizes that to keep good talent, leadership opportunities need to be provided to individuals at earlier stages in their careers. To be market president at our flagship bank in Aberdeen is a great responsibility and a compliment as to how senior management sees my skillset best utilized.

Q: What does community involvement mean to you?

A: I have been involved in a variety of volunteer activities through high school, college, and in my professional career. Volunteerism was pushed strongly through my education at Roncalli. I specifically remember that we were required to complete 50 volunteer hours our senior year of high school as part of our religious education class, so it is ingrained in me to give back! Becoming a part of Student Ambassadors at Northern was a perfect fit as that was a group who specifically went out of our way to volunteer on campus and throughout the community. I wore the Thunder costume at NSU more than once as part of this! My recent volunteerism has been centered around Safe Harbor and Roncalli.

Q: What is something you love to do in the Aberdeen area?

A: Do I have to pick just one? We have great programs throughout the city! From the bike paths, the water park, and Wylie Park in the summer to ARCC Dance and the awesome new library, these items that add value for my children in Aberdeen are much of what I love about the community! It is great to have forward thinking leaders in those areas who know that these things add to the quality of life in Aberdeen.

Q: Fun fact about yourself?

A: I was the NSU Gypsy Queen in 2006! Go Wolves! //