Nurse for a Day
Students in the region gain hands-on experience at Presentation College.

Nurse for a Day

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High school students learn from PC nursing students who are currently in clinical rotations.

Nurse for a Day is a program offered on campus at Presentation College, geared toward high school students who have an interest in a career as a nurse. They spend a few hours in the Avera Simulation Center working with Presentation nursing students and exploring some of the different skills that nurses would learn.

The event is open for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students can try their hand at suturing, inputting catheters, giving injections, learning CPR, and watching the obstetrician simulator give birth.

Presentation started this program in 2018, wanting to educate students on the duties of a nurse. All too often high school students start on an education path toward a career, start the career, and find that it was not what they expected. By starting Nurse for a Day, students are able to learn about the field and discover if they have a passion for nursing before graduating high school.

The community of Aberdeen and surrounding towns can benefit so much from Nurse for a Day. Presentation has been awarding nursing degrees for over 70 years, and to continue to educate the people of South Dakota is to carry that legacy forward.

There is such a high need for nurses both in Aberdeen and in small clinics and communities around us. With Nurse for a Day, Presentation College hopes to spark a passion in high school students for nursing, so they can become amazing nurses and help their community. //

Benefits of Educational Hands-on Learning

  • Technology in the Avera Simulation Center provides five high-functioning mannequins or simulators to enhance student learning.
  • Students can practice real world application for transferable skills to a hospital or clinic.
  • Trial and error in a safe, simulated environment helps control the learning outcomes.
  • Students build quality connections with members of the Aberdeen community like individuals in the fire or police departments during community simulation events.