A Quaint Boho Getaway
Lusso Properties’ Airbnb apartment stands out with color, texture, and fun furniture.

A Quaint Boho Getaway

Lusso 1 Large

It’s not very often we get to feature apartments in the Open House section of Aberdeen Magazine. This apartment is offered as an Airbnb rental from Lusso Properties here in town. If you recall, we featured a cottage they also have available for rent in our Nov/Dec 2021 issue. Leslie and Ben Schnell of Lusso Properties have had good success with Airbnb rentals over the years, and they are continuing to seek out opportunities in town to create more. One thing that contributes to an Airbnb’s popularity is the interior design style. As people click on multiple rental options in a community, the ones that look ‘put together’ are going to stand out. Leslie is very good at this and looks for inspirations to drive the design choices of each property. A while back, while shopping at a local store, she came a across a wall art that featured an upland cow laying on a green couch. She pulled it out for this apartment and let it dictate an overall bohemian style with bright colors, whimsical objects, and retro pieces of furniture. The unit is relatively small, but perfect for a short-stay traveler. It is located in the southwest part of town and is in a building that was originally built as a split-level. The family who built it lived on the bottom floor, while two units on the upper floor were used as apartments. //

Check out Airbnb.com for details on Lusso’s properties.