Think Green with Aberdeen Growers Club

Think Green with Aberdeen Growers Club

Kristi Ruhnke
Group members will often show off plant finds at local greenhouses. Photo courtesy of Kristi Ruhnke.

Aberdeen Growers Club is a new Facebook group for the plant lovers in town. Mary Baird created the group in April to give hobby gardeners a place to connect and discuss all things related to plants.

“There are some great South Dakota plant groups, but I found many of the groups and members were based in Sioux Falls. There are lots of people locally with incredible knowledge and beautiful collections that we wanted to collect with,” Mary said.

The community is very active, with members asking questions, showing off their collections, sharing places in town that have new shipments, as well as plant sales and swaps.

“Everyone is very supportive and excited about plants!” Mary said.

Mary and fellow group members Amy Rix and Tracy Rix have organized their first event that occurred in June. The Beer Garden Plant Sale was a fundraising event that provided Ride Line punch cards to students in need of transportation to Central High School. //—Annie Scott