Walk on the Wild Side with Pack Walks

Walk on the Wild Side with Pack Walks

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Dogs and their owners gather before the walk begins. Photo courtesy of Malerie Henschel.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Malerie Henschel sought out a creative way to socialize both humans as well as their pets.

Malerie, a dog trainer at Canine Country Club, said “Since we couldn’t hold any training classes, getting people together to go on a group dog walk seemed like a good way to get outside, socialize, and get the dogs outside too.”

The pack walks are held on evenings and weekends at a variety of different parks.

“Anyone can join,” Malerie said. “If your dog has trouble interacting with other dogs, is in heat, or something like that, let me know and we can make proper accommodations.”

Pack walks are a great way to socialize pets and learn more about dog training. Malerie often offers training tips during the walks.

“It’s a good group to be in if you want to meet new people,” Malerie said. //—Annie Scott

To get involved, email Malerie at [email protected] or join their Facebook group Aberdeen, SD – Dog Pack Parties.