Discover New Treasures at Happy Trails

Discover New Treasures at Happy Trails

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Antique boots are just one of the things available at Happy Trails. 

Ron Kramer has always had an eye for antiques and collectibles, and now he is sharing his finds with the residents of Aberdeen. 

Happy Trails is a new store, opened in July of this year, that sports an extensive collection of books, records, small pieces of furniture, and other decorative items. 

“It’s like my own personal man cave,” Ron said. “A lot of people in town really like looking for stuff like this. It’s nice to share the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years.” 

In the future, Ron would like to purchase items that others bring into the shop. For now, customers can expect to hear some of the knowledge that Ron can share about his finds. //—Annie Scott

Call Ron at 612-963-8562 for more information. Happy Trails is located at 122 N Main St.