Beth Rietz-Walth Endowment Establishes Aberdeen Central Education Scholarships

Beth Rietz-Walth Endowment Establishes Aberdeen Central Education Scholarships


The Beth Rietz-Walth Education Endowment provides Aberdeen Central High School students a new scholarship opportunity for college this spring.

The endowment, administered by the Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation, funds the Beth Rietz-Walth Education Scholarships for CHS seniors of excellent character exhibiting academic excellence and pursuing an education degree with emphasis on special education/speech pathology.

The endowment was established by her daughter, Janelle Rietz-Kamenar, along with many family and friends.

Beth was a Speech and Language Pathologist for the Aberdeen Public School System from 1969 to 1993 and received a Teacher of the Year Award. She enjoyed teaching in so many ways whether it was through the school district, as a Sunday School teacher, as a 4-H Leader, or through teaching English as a Second Language.

She began the first hearing impaired speech program in the Aberdeen Public Schools and taught speech to those nine children for many years. They remembered her so much that they came back to see her in the summer of 2021.

Beth passed away at the age of 90 on October 26, 2022.

For more information about the Beth Rietz-Walth Education Endowment, contact the Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation or The Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation promotes excellence in education by forging partnerships among the schools, community, and alumni. For more information contact Sharp at 605-725-7118 or [email protected].