From Farm to Fork: Anthem Oats
The Sumption family’s new businesses provide the region with healthy oat-based meals.

From Farm to Fork: Anthem Oats

Cassandra and Taylor Sumption. Photos by Troy McQuillen

In 1882, the Sumption family founded their farm near Frederick, SD. This past year, they founded Anthem Oats.

Dsc 2268 LargeAnthem Oats focuses on providing high-quality, nutrient-dense oats that come in a variety of delicious products. These include instant oatmeals and oatmeal cups, as well as old fashioned, steel cut, and minute oats. Their oats come in many different flavors, and are portioned out to be a full meal. 

Five brothers, Taylor, Mark, Eric, Chris and Warren, manage every part of the planting, farming, and harvesting. While they have grown other crops in the past, their oats are the heart of the operation. 

“There’s a certain level of knowledge that you can only get from working on the farm,” Taylor Sumption said. “Companies don’t always know what that’s like. We’re focused on providing a quality product every step of the way.” 

Initially, some steps of the production process had to be outsourced. Soon, they will be bringing most of their operations to South Dakota. Their buildings will be able to house their own packaging equipment, allowing them to oversee the entire process from getting the oats from farm to fork. They’ll be able to process oats from other farms as well. 

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Anthem Oats come in many delicious flavors and are available in stores across the country.

Anthem Oats are available at Ken’s, Kessler’s, Natural Abundance, and other shops around Aberdeen. They’ve also taken off in other chains such as Hyvee. 

“It’s incredibly rewarding,” Taylor said. “It’s an amazing feeling, seeing our product out in stores and hearing that people enjoy it. We even had a couple from Watertown drive up to see the farm.” 

In the future, Anthem Oats hopes to expand its product range, by including other oat-based products and other crops. 

“We’re really seeing the impact of our business, and especially so when we move production in-house,” Cassandra Sumption said. “It will be nice to have more things going on here in Frederick.” //