Get to Know: Carlos Camacho Marrero
Ensuring others have the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Get to Know: Carlos Camacho Marrero

Carlos Camacho Marrero
Carlos specializes in personal and small commercial insurance policies. Photo by Troy McQuillen

Originally from Puerto Rico, Carlos Camacho Marrero has lived in Aberdeen for 17 years. In that time, he had the opportunity to go to Northern State University, earn his degree in International Business, and become part of the Wolf Pack. After graduating, Carlos became an insurance agent for DFS Insurance in 2018.

“Previously, I had a manufacturing, collections, and banking services background. These two lines of employment were always intertwined with insurance in one way or another,” Carlos said.

At DFS Insurance, Carlos specializes in personal lines and small commercial policies. He’s able to help others on their own paths to personal growth by ensuring they have the tools they need to achieve their personal and business goals.

“Without knowing, God was preparing me to enter my current line of business,” Carlos said.

How did you decide to become involved in your line work?

I was in the banking services industry and the opportunity showed up during my venture. Then I did my research about the insurance industry and liked the information I found. I made the decision, took the risk, and here I am today. God is good.

How does your work reflect your passion?

My passion is personal growth, and in order to accomplish personal growth, you must contribute to the good of others. The insurance industry is a great line of work to contribute to others. I aim to help all my customers as much as I can, whether that means getting the best coverage for their needs, looking for the best rates, or pointing them in the right direction to accomplish their personal and business goals.

What is something that you love about the Aberdeen community?

The people. Ever since I moved here, I noticed how they work hard, take care of their families, and have a faithful background. I also love the short commute from work to home, it is priceless!

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to spend time with my family, play baseball, softball, grill, listen to music, and pray.

Where is one your favorites place to go in Aberdeen and why?

I love taking my daughter to Storybook Land. We usually can spend the whole day there playing, having picnics, and we always have to go through the tornado house.

Why is community involvement important to you?

Community involvement is necessary because is important to give back. God and nature teach us that everything is a cycle, therefore getting involved in the community at a small scale or big scale helps to keep the lifestyle for us and our future generations. //